How I
strengthen your

The three step methodology helps brands and startups adapt to the continuously changing (digital) world. Tomsko creates products and identity that grow businesses and build long lasting relationships between brands and users.

Think big


At the start of a new project I determine the strategy and concept in order to reach the scope of the specific project. I do this in close collaboration with you as a client. I map out the goals and through brainstorm sessions we gain more insights in what drives your project which enables me to come up with a solid strategy and concept.

Start small


Once we have a strategy I separate our goals in small projects. Step by step I take care of the complete visual communication. From graphic design to website, with the perfectly fitting style and feel. I split up projects into smaller, more manageable tasks, called sprints. This gives me a framework for delivering products quickly and efficient. I love how it raises the quality of my work and intensifies the relationship with the clients.

Grow smart


When we have your creative identity, work doesn’t stop, it just begins. After the design fase it’s important to have a look at which media is the most suited to get your message to the audience. Together we look for your opportunities. I believe that brands should see their website as a platform. In the ever-changing dynamics of the web, you want to harness the power of other (social) platforms and to centralise your data.

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